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Reviews of The Missing Peace of a Heritage Puzzle

“No article speaks louder or clearer about how closely we are rooted to our old homeland, the land of our forefathers! Please read the serialized ‘Talk of the Town’ and read it many times in its connected entirety! And please take the time to ensure that your grandchildren do the same!”—Erich Eichler, former Editor-in-Chief, Heimatbote Magazine, Nuremberg, Germany

“The ‘Beat of a Different Drummer’ is a fascinating account; you’ll enjoy the lively writing style taking you into a vibrant Moravian town 80 years ago.”—Lois Edwards, Editor, Germanic Genealogy Society, St. Paul, Minnesota   

“A most extraordinary presentation, not the least of which is that the ‘Talk of the Town’ article contains passages that will really grab the audience by serving a correspondingly representative role (i.e., one can replace Benke with (the name of) any other village in Sudetenland).”—Gernot Wildt, former Chief Editor, Sudetendeutsche Zeitung, Munich, Germany   
Most interesting are not just the historical facts about the displaced people of the former Sudetenland, but how the author went about finding out more about his heritage, his family, and answers to some confusing stories and recollections from his youth. Although the chapters are formerly published articles, together they create an interesting story line. Each chapter reveals a little more of the mysteries and discoveries the author makes about the area, people, and long lost relatives. The style of this memoir is very unique. Mr. Koerner has created a very vivid and interesting book. - Dave Sowards, San Diego, CA

From the front cover through to the final page, Frank Koerner held me captive - for fear of missing a clever, playful treatment of wording or phrasing. What a fantastic, easy, interesting, and fun way to learn about a virtually unknown part of history. When we learn the magnitude of the deportation, I wondered if I missed that week of history class. On that issue and so many others, Mr. Koerner made me feel like a part of the story - no, I didn't miss class, this historically significant event is largely ignored. I loved the vignettes so much that I limited myself to a chapter or two each night, so that the book would last as long as possible. It's a great read ! - Ellen Ziegler Ward, La Jolla, CA



“The well-written article about ‘Evangeline’ touched me deeply.”—Juri Klugmann, Publisher, Deutsche Rundschau, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I’m glad The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research published your ‘Déjà Vu’ article. Rarely does one find such good documentation with the great photos!”—Rhea White, Editor, Exceptional Human Experience Network (, New Bern, North Carolina

Some time ago, I discovered one of Frank Koerner's wonderful stories on the Internet and immediately identified with the author's fascinating experience of visiting his parents' vanished homeland. Mr. Koerner has a very unique, often haunting and always captivating way of telling of his odyssey, sometimes playing with the diverse meanings of words. "Wow" I thought, "I have been there! I have done this! I know what he is talking about." I was born in Sudetenland. "The Missing Peace of a Heritage Puzzle" is more than intriguing, entertaining fireside reading for me. As he grew up, Mr. Koerner felt his parents' pain, but didn't understand. He listened, but didn't hear. Faithfully, he followed the traditions of "Daheim", but often questioned. He was too young. Finally, he visited the former Sudetenland, walked "familiar" roads, sat on dusty church benches, listened to the whisper of the trees, stared at vandalized cemeteries and met the people who were "left behind". He even shed some tears and suddenly he knew the meaning of " being touched by the ghosts of the past". He wanted to wrap his arms around this little town. He knew he was part of it. This book may touch you deeply, or it may just introduce you to one of those whitewashed, cold facts of history. You may read this book several times and experience your own déjà vu. This is a well-written book and I highly recommend it. - Elke Crane, Goshen, NY

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